Why should learn Java Language

Most of starters has confusion today that which of the programming language should be chosen for their career. It totally depends upon your interest. Every programming language has pros and cons. There are various programming languages like Python,C,C++,C#,Java etc.

As per my opinion, if you want to grow your career in IT industry it is good to choose Java Language because of easy to learn and also having good amount of job opportunities. You can develop desktop applications,J2EE web and enterprise applications, Android mobile applications etc.

Why should choose Java as Programming language

There are following reasons you should choose Java as programming language.

1) Java is Easy to learn

If you are coming from C/C++ languages you will get easier to grab java programming environment. As java has some of the similar features from these languages.

2) Java has Rich API

Java provides various API to programmers to build standard and robust applications. Java provides API for I/O, networking, utilities, XML parsing, database connection, multi-threading,web services and almost everything.

3) Java is Open source

Java is an open source language which makes it favorite among organizations and programmers.

4) Java Frameworks

There are several Java framework available for rapid development. Spring,Struts,Play,Hibernate and lots more framework available today which made the software development easy in java.

5) Development Tools Support

There are lots of open source development tools(IDE) available in the market which can be chosen like Eclipse,IntelliJ,NetBeans etc. Coding IDE in IDE is a lot easier than working with simple editor like Notepad. They provides lots of the features like to compile/execute java programs,code generation,architect java project etc.

6) A Good Amount Of Community Support

Without community support a programming language can’t be survived. Community is a platform which is a group programmers who share their knowledge or get help. There are lots of Java forums available today. StackOverflow is most popular among all.

7)Job Opportunities

This is question always arises among beginners that what language should be chosen for their career. Java language provides you a good amount of job opportunity today due to its popularity among organisations.



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