Spring Boot Introduction

Spring Boot is rapid Application development solution provided by Spring Framework. It is used to create stand alone,production grade application with minimal configuration.

What Actually Spring Boot Does

Spring Boot does the following thing to speed up the application development. Earlier to configure spring framework is really tedious and time consuming task for spring programmers. Programmers need to provide configuration either through XML or annotations. Spring framework developers resolves this problem by bringing Spring Boot.

There are following problems resolved by Spring Boot.

  • No or few configuration needed
  • Embed servlet containers like Tomcat and Jetty. So Spring Boot don’t need any external servlet containers.
  • Don’t need to add too many dependencies only. The starter POM dependency need to add. It automatically downloads all the dependencies.
  • Comes with lots of third party libraries like Gson,cassandra,jackson,log4j-api so don’t need to add them explicitly.

Prerequisite of Spring Boot

To create a Spring Boot application following are the prerequisites.

  • Java 1.8
  • Gradle 2.3+ or Maven 3.0+
  • Spring Framework 5.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT

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